Working conditions

I am very easy going, talkative and nice person. The terms I have written are general but we can for sure discuss everything in details to make the shoot happen.
I always do my best and try the best for all photographers. It’s my biggest passion and Im happy and blessed to be able to work as a model, travel to so many places, meet wonderfull people and take part in creating beautiful images.
I am traveling to photographers all over the world. And i DON’Tdo this for holidays I do this for work as its my full time job.

Please notice I amtraveling from Poznan, Poland. I need at least a day of travel time to get to somewhere in Europe as my city airport is limited with good conections. Mostly I fly from BERLIN or WARSAW
As I'm taking my job very professional and serious , I'm expecting the same from the photographers. If you book me and we made a agreement via email or any social media. For me is a deal. Even without a contract you have my word that I will take an effort to travel to your city, I will organize my travel logisitc, I will arrive on the shoot punctual in a good condition and focused.

I respect photographers time and I never cancel a shoot! (Only few serious exeptions).
I always provide my own professional makeup, simple hair style and a big range of quality lingerie and other clothes on request.

If i make a photo tour I invest the flight expenses, accomodation. You can check my travel schedule on page "CALENDAR".

If the photographer DIRECT book bseides my travel tour calendar ,then the photographer pay, accomodation, food and travel expenses.
My rate is always equal for all photographers amatours and professional all over Europe.

Im proposing 4h or 8h booking time.
Booking time it means not shooting time!

So in the booking time is always included my small makeup time and small breaks. Also if we need to drive to different locations is also included.
4 weeks in advance and more NO cancelation fee.
3 weeks in advance 20% cancelation fee
2 weeks in advance 30% cancelation fee
1 week in advence 50 % cancelation fee
48 h in advance 100% cancelation fee
Dont worry Im very fair and correct person. If you pay cancelation fee I will get you small discount for our next shoot so you dont have a feeling of loosing your money.

I trust my photogrpahers, I DON'T charge in advance. But If you cancel its always a very complicated situation for me. So please underestand that , I am investing money(flight,)my time and effort so I only expect that you will follow the rules and pay the cancelation fee.

If you dont I will not work with you again. Never. No exeptions.
Booking me , the PHOTOGRAPHER AGREE with the terms and conditions.

Wow sounds scarry , but dont worry I dont bite ;) for sure we will have a great time shooting and lots of nice images!

Looking forward to meet you!